Surf Club Four Seasons Residences is located in Surfside, Miami Beach, a neighborhood just north of South Beach and Downtown Miami. Charming, family-friendly, and walkable this historic Art Deco community is almost a step into the past, harking back to an idyllic mid-century beach town. Lined with mom-and-pop shops, cafes, and restaurants – it provides a fun and safe environment to work, play, and call home.

Check out Miami-Dade County’s Surfside promo video on this page – you’ll get a good feeling about this special place.

A large dining room at the Surf Club Four Seasons with white tablecloths, large brown modern chairs, lush green plants and open round windows





Surfside is Miami’s small beachside town. With just under 6,000 residents, it’s a tiny community packed with character. Incorporated in 1935 with the signatures of just 35 local residents, Surfside has retained its vision of a small oceanfront community focused on residents, local businesses, and tourism.


Today, the quaint town welcomes you to walk and explore; the sprawling beach draws locals and visitors looking to avoid the crowd of Miami Beach.

Surfside’s Downtown is also full of adventure and quaint charm, located on Harding Avenue between 94th Street and 96th Street, it will satisfy your retail cravings with its variety of unique stores and stylish boutiques. In two blocks, you will encounter a collection of fine jewelers, salons, clothing boutiques, and much more.


Downtown is also where you will find many of Surfside’s acclaimed restaurants, many reflecting the eclectic international visitor mix of Europeans, French, Canadians and South Americans.